How Does Sugaring Work?

Sugaring can be done from the eyebrows to the ankles. Your visit begins with a consultation to discuss your specific needs. You will be asked to at least partially disrobe. You may be able to wear a bikini or Speedo depending on the service that you have requested. The skin is then cleansed and powdered.

Your sugarist will massage sugar paste at lukewarm temperature onto your skin using a gloved hand. The sugar is applied against the natural direction of hair growth and then pulled in the direction of hair growth to remove the hair.

Because the skin must be tightly stretched for good results, You may be asked to help stretch and position various parts of your body for the sugarist because tightly stretched skin produces better results. You may also be asked to be in somewhat unusual positions.

After sugaring, regular exfoliation with help keep your skin smooth and reduce ingrown hairs. Your sugarist will review aftercare instructions and products that can help soothe your skin and maintain it between sugarings.

We recommend twelve to fourteen days of growth for most areas to achieve the best results. We are proud to use Alexandria Professional® Body Sugaring products.

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